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Why Choose The Fox's Den Kung-Fu?

The Fox's Den Kung Fu will introduce you to a wide array of classic Kung Fu such as Lo Han, Pa Kua, Hsing Yi, Tiger, and Crane, as well as training with common weapons such as knives, sticks, and more! As your progress, you will also learn the fundamentals of anatomy, exercise science, and nutrition that will help you excel in fitness long after you leave our school. Our goal is to make you a fit fighter for life.

High Intensity Functional Training

Each session, an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer will guide you through a physical conditioning program proven to increase both your functional strength and cardiovascular ability, even if you are already athletic.

Kung Fu Skills Training

Now that you're warmed up and ready to go, you'll receive martial arts skills training from an instructor with over fifteen years of teaching experience. Whether you're new to martial arts or a veteran, we'll help you hone your skills.

Meditation and Stretching

A good stretch routine should compliment every exercise program. We'll help you improve your range of motion to get those high kicks you've always wanted, and cool you down with some meditation to improve your focus, strength, and well-being.

Choose from regular classes with other students or 1:1 lessons with a personal instructor.

Kung Fu means "hard work" or is sometimes translated to "discipline over time". Colloquially, it means something like "Chinese Mixed Martial Arts". Learn more about our particular brand here!

Sifu Fox began training in Shaolin Kung Fu with the Chinese Shaolin Center, Norcross at age sixteen...

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The Fox's Den Kung Fu

4208 Bainbridge Blvd


VA 23324

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