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While our Tai Chi and Yoga classes are considerably more relaxed than our Kung Fu and Fitness, or Shaolin Weapons classes, they are equally important in helping you become a well-rounded fighting and fitness-practitioner. They can also stand alone, so you don’t have to participate in our other classes to join.

Tai Chi Practice

Your instructor—Sifu Fox—is certified to teach Yoga by the Academy of Holistic Fitness, and has taught Yoga and Tai Chi for over fifteen years. You’ll begin your class by transitioning through isometric holds and stretches that work multiple muscle groups, and efficiently improve your range of motion, focus, and sense of well-being.


This forty-five minute stretching and conditioning routine, then leads into either fifteen minutes of still meditation (Yoga) or moving meditation (Tai Chi). In Yoga, you’ll assume the “corpse pose”, laying down to perform a guided or individual meditation. In Tai Chi, you’ll be guided through a series of meditative motions to develop “internal power”, which comes from a deep understanding of how the body moves. These motions have fighting applications, but in this class, we concentrate more on the internal aspect of your training.


The coordination, balance, flexibility, and internal power you’ll gain from Yoga and Tai Chi can greatly assist in improving your fighting ability, as well as your overall fitness!

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