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Ever want to learn how to fight with a stick, knife, or sword? How about a spear or a bo staff? While some practical weapons training is provided in our Kung Fu and Fitness program, this class is designed to teach you how to use the more fanciful weapons of yore, while also providing more in-depth practice for defense against common arms. Don’t worry though: as with all our classes, you’re still going to get a workout in!

Man in Blue Practicing Kung Fu
Self Defense Training

Class begins with a 30-minute strength and conditioning program utilizing the steel mace or clubs. These training tools are based on heavy weapons used to train the ancient and fearsome warriors of India, but they are equally capable of conditioning an aspiring Shaolin warrior like yourself! You’ll be surprised how much core and shoulder strength you can gain by swinging around a mace, or the grip strength you’ll develop from hefting a club. This unique workout will provide you with the functional strength you’ll need to handle Shaolin Weapons appropriately.


Once your physical training is complete, you’ll move into tactical applications, and develop a new skill set each week. Using high-quality, padded weaponry, we’ll teach you how to strike, dodge, and disarm attackers; then let you have a little fun free sparring with a partner. You will be carefully supervised and assisted in your development, and no experience is required.


Build real, Shaolin strength one parry at a time!

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