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This program follows a carefully crafted exercise regimen, designed to increase your skill, strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular ability as it applies to Kung Fu. It just so happens, that since Kung Fu utilizes your entire body and mind, it will also make you functionally fit! Each class is divided into three phases: physical conditioning, skills training, and stretching and meditation. Here we’ll provide a brief overview, so you know exactly what to expect your first day of class.

Punch With Style
Man Doing Pushup

Your instructor—Sifu Fox—is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer with over fifteen years of experience teaching Kung Fu. He will lead you through a new 30-minute High Intensity Functional Training program each month, designed around the most up-to-date research in exercise science. You can expect to work hard regardless of your fitness level, but in keeping with our slogan, “Anyone Can Fight!”, you will find nothing but encouragement, assistance, and good vibes in the Den!


Once your physical training is complete, you’ll cool down with ten minutes of stretching, designed to improve your range of motion to get those high kicks we know you’re dreaming about. This leads you straight into a five-minute meditation to help improve your mindfulness and focus—underrated skills that not only increase your sense of well-being, but which have been proven to provide faster gains in muscular performance and development when combined with exercise.


Next, it’s time to learn what Kung Fu is all about! Each month you’ll focus on a new set of material, ranging from Lohan, Tiger, and Crane, to modern mixed martial arts drills and self defense techniques. Special care is taken to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re doing with each motion, so you have the confidence you need to use all our techniques in real-world situations. Our tradition is based on a war-fighting martial art that takes a no nonsense, no-holds-barred approach to fighting. We’ll teach you how to handle larger, numerous, or even armed attackers in a safe and encouraging training environment.


You’re about to get really fit, learn how to fight, and have fun doing it!

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