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Punch With Style

Kung Fu and Fitness

This program follows a carefully crafted exercise regimen, designed to increase your skill, strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular ability as it applies to Kung Fu. It just so happens, that since Kung Fu utilizes your entire body and mind, it will also make you functionally fit! Each class is divided into three phases: physical conditioning, skills training, and stretching and meditation. Here we’ll provide a brief overview, so you know exactly what to expect your first day of class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Yoga

While our Tai Chi and Yoga classes are considerably more relaxed than our Kung Fu and Fitness, or Shaolin Weapons classes, they are equally important in helping you become a well-rounded fighting and fitness-practitioner. They can also stand alone, so you don’t have to participate in our other classes to join.

Man in Blue Practicing Kung Fu

Shaolin Weapons

This class is designed to focus specifically on weapons training. Conditioning is performed with weighted training tools like the steel clubs or mace, giving students the functional fitness necessary to utilize various Shaolin Weapons, from bo staffs and short sticks to spears, broadswords, and more!

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